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Dr. Christiane May-Ropers


is a third-generation Medical Practitioner and Founder of NOWO Balance Institute from Germany. Her practical application of theories and understanding of human movement and inner and outer  balance attracted the critical acclaim and support of the late concert violinist Lord Yehudi Menuhin.


The methods with which Christiane works derive from her expertise in Allopathy having specialised in Rehabilitative and General Medicine for 15 years on the staff of a hospital and being the head of the hospital for several years , that pioneered approaches to Integral Medicine. Deepening this experience, Christiane has, for many years now, worked with Energy Medicine, Traumatherapy, Nowo Balance Movement Therapy, Soundhealer Training  by Tom Kenyon, Mental Coaching,  and  insights in shamanistic healing. She studied with spiritual masters like the Zenmaster Hugo Enomiya Lasalle , Father Bede Griffiths and worked in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, India, for many years in her free time.


Christiane lectures and conducts healing workshops worldwide. She has published a book on Ph Balance and one on Systemic Movement Therapy ( NOWO BALANCE Therapy )  plus 2 films.


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