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Talk: ph - Balance (download flyer)



Acid - Alkaline Balance

How to live longer and healthier!

Workshop 1,5 days

with practical instructions, tips and tricks


This workshop wants to give you a new and unique outlook on the importance of Acid-Alkaline balance in your body.


Nutrition does not, contrary to common opinion, play a major role in solving the problem. It is the balance of the alkalinity within you on three levels:


breathing- air

fluids water

nutrition/ digestion- physically, mentally and spiritually


that leads to a long -lasting, stable and good health.


The workshop will cover these 3 important fields and give you an understanding as well as tools how to make yourself more alkaline and more balanced in every day life. You will find out about symptoms of overacidity, understand what to do about them and be thrilled by the simplicity of tools that you have got in every day life to bring about better health and a balanced mind.


Most of the healing tools are within you or do not cost much except your effort.


Workshop contents:


What is the ph?

How can one measure ones own acidity?


The secret of correct breathing

what role does sport play?

Breathing light- the Buteyko method

free motion, free breathing


Water- the secret remedy

structure and memory

What kind of water should we drink?



the delicate balance within our digestive tract

what, when, how to eat

Nutrition for soul and spirit


How to help yourself- tips and tricks