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“Becoming Your Own Master of Balance”

2-Day Workshop Date for Perth, Western Australia

With Christiane May-Ropers, M.D. and Meath Conlan, Ph.D.

Christiane May-Ropers is a Medical Practitioner and Founder of NOWO Balance from Germany. Her practical application of theories and understanding of human movement and balance attracted the critical acclaim and support of the late concert violinist Lord Yehudi Menuhin.

  • Treat yourself to a workshop that helps you become your own Master in balance.

  • Learn how to become Centred and Balanced in and through your everyday occupations and challenges.

  • Experience the underlying subtle levels of physical and mental partnership through “Movement Dialogue.”

  • Discover how to balance your tensions and disharmonies.

  • Develop and reclaim your personal power through self-awareness.

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The 2-day workshop is designed to assist participants learn greater comfort and ease in everyday life. Dr. May-Ropers has spent decades integrating natural movement that builds capacity for greater fluidity and the potential for overcoming muscular and joint problems. This is an introductory workshop for those who seek to become more supple, more robust, and capable of moving with balance and centred posture.

Dr. May-Ropers will help you learn the various movements at your own pace and rhythm. As you apply what you learn, the lessons will not be dependent on where you live or your occupation. Understanding gives rise to subtle shifts in bodily gestures, and a more kindly, holistic sense of your body. You will gain skills to develop lasting and efficient ways to greater physical flexibility and strength.

Any ordinary everyday activity, such as making a cup of tea, gardening, sweeping, sitting, or lifting, can, with skills learned, dispose us to increased resilience, thus increasing our capacity to simply enjoy daily life.


Your companion guides will be two professional educators: Meath Conlan (from Perth) and Christiane May-Ropers (from Kreuth, Bavaria) - both working with the inner person, having decades of experience to encourage you throughout a unique and inspiring 2-day journey.


Day One – Balance


Balance - Feel it! Experience it! See it!

  • What is balance?

  • What specifically does it do for your daily life?

  • What specifically does it do for your body?

  • How to understand balance in the context of modern physics.

  • Balance – an expression of “equilibrium-in-tension.”

  • Balance - an expression of a healthy body, mind, and spirit!


Day Two - Exercises



  • To balance yourself and others

  • Posture and your posture’s effect on self-healing

  • Partner exercises – experience Dialogue with your partner in and through bodily movement.

  • How you effect your environment with the way you express your bodily movement