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Diverse Journeys & NOWO Balance ®


“Widen Your Horizon - Making Change Easy”

5-Day Retreat: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

5-Day Retreat: Perth, Western Australia

With Christiane May-Ropers, M.D. & Meath Conlan, Ph.D.

People who can easily and quickly perceive and use what is radically new always have an advantage. Aside from being “in the know’ and hanging out with other people who are on the cutting edge people who learn how to quickly perceive and adopt the radically new are more likely to survive, and survive well.


In order to change perception we need new experiences, we need to  train our senses.


Our brains use memories to decode perceptual information. We began to collect and store this information from the moment we were born. New perceptions build upon past ones. Children must first learn basic shapes before they can master recognizing more complexly shaped letters,


Something that is really radically new is actually difficult for us to perceive as we lack the necessary memories. This explains partially explains why life changing inventions, such as telephones, televisions and personal PCs took a while before being adopted my most people. However, cell phones were more quickly adopted as they were not much different from cordless phones that were already in use.


The better we perceive the better we can cope with the world.


In this workshop you will learn how to make better use of all your senses, understand yourself better and trust your abilities more. This will give you a broader view of reality, open your perspectives to give you a better choice in  decisions, helps you to connect more openly and understanding to people and their surrounding.


Our movements play a great role in the way we perceive ourselves   and each other. Movement is the expression of ourselves. Body language  contains over 70 % of the information we take in when talking to someone.


Your companion guides will be two professional educators: Meath Conlan (from Perth) and Christiane May-Ropers (from Kreuth, Bavaria) - both working with the Inner Person, having decades of experience to encourage you throughout a unique and inspiring 5-day journey.


Day One –

Be fascinated and informed by an understanding of neuroscience of how our brain perceives and we can change our reality. In the exercises we will explore our senses and experience how they can deceive us or help us to expand our horizon

  • Perception and Brain

  • Deceit or Expanded Consciousness

  • Exact observation, habits

  • Colours and Painting

Day Two –

In various body exercises we will learn to differentiate  our feelings in the body , experience why we need our 6th sense, the sense that informs us about balance, about our weight, about were we sit or stand . Without it we are totally lost and completely incapable of moving.

The coordination of our brain halves is triggered by Balance.

  • Perception and Body

  • I feel what you don’t feel

  • The art of discrimination / distinction

  • Braincoordiantion  with words and sound

Day Three –

Attention exercises create  expand awareness. When we take away one of our possible tools to experience, e.g. the sight we expand the other senses . you will be amazed how phantastic your  senses work, learn to trust them.

  • Holistic Body perception

  • Flying blind

  • Trusting our senses

  • Poetry the world of Rhythm

Day Four –

Our feelings create a body expression, that we are often not aware of. We will start to read in the book of our fellow participants and you will not only recognize the title of the “book” in front of you but will be amazed how you holistic your perception is.

  • Reading the body of others

  • The cold shoulder and the frozen smile

  • Listening and painting

Day Five –

Turn your vulnerabilities into strength, find the courage to risk failure and to expand your opportunities in life.

  • Life is Magic!

  • When you coordinate your brain halves and perceive with the heart

  • Painting the smile- Oneness


This course will benefit all those who work with people, nature and want to find an easier approach to solving their problems with ease.