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Talk: Signs and Symbols for Healing (download flyer)


Geometry and Symbols  for Healing

Diploma for Life Energy/ Counsellor of Koerbler

With Christiane May-Ropers

The diagnosis and therapy of Koerbler is based on Energy Medicine or more precise on Informational Medicine.


This is 21st century Energy Medicine. It is based on the biophysics of the body whereas traditional medicine is, for the most part, based on biochemistry through the use of pharmaceuticals.


Information based Energy Medicine forms the missing link. It is in effect wellness oriented health care. Information as well as energy is given to the body, to have exact instructions and directions, of how to heal itself and remove any blockages that may interfere with its healing mechanism.


In these Seminars you learn the basic principles that affect all living systems. The signature of life is a flowing equilibrium. With the right understanding of the laws of nature these basic principles can be applied in everyday life to strengthen the Life Energy of all living Systems.


As a Life Energy Practitioner / KOERBLER© you learn to diagnose dysbalances* and to re-establish balance on the energetic level of body-mind-spirit in order to enhance the self-healing powers leading to a life with health and wellbeing.


Students of these seminars will learn the scientific background of information based energy medicine and will spend a great deal of time practicing their newly acquired knowledge to make their own experiences. I will guide you through your own inner process of self-realisation. Already after the first seminar you have the knowledge to help yourself in your own healing process.  


1. Level 1 / 1    duration  2 days


Learning how to test biophysically exact


Learning how to biophysically test / diagnose


To regulate the flow of life energy you have to learn a fundamental technique to measure and differentiate energetic qualities of ultra-low fields, as they exist in all living forms. With the help of the Koerbler Vector Circle and the Koerbler Bio-Tensor you learn how to test biophysically exact, secure, reliable + reproducible.  This is a prerequisite.


2. Level 1 / 2 duration 2 days


How to regulate / treat dysbalances on the etheric body and how to balance a person with geometric signs and symbols, colours and remedies that enhance the energy level of a person. You will learn to understand the basic signs and symbols in use and how to apply them in your everyday life.


3. Level 2 / 2 + 3  each course 3 days


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*= symbols and signs

*    dysbalances = imbalances