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Talk: Trauma (download flyer)


With Christiane May-Ropers

Trauma comes from the greek word wound and is defined as an extreme experience in life. The victim experiences a total loss of controll and cannot fight nor flee.


Dr. May-Ropers explains the important stages in Trauma and how one can help to cope with it. She explains in a simple comprehensive way what the symptoms of traumatised people can look like and the background of their behavioural changes. She stresses the importance of recognising trauma in other peoples behaviour and how we encounter them daily in our lives.


Therapies like EMDR (Eyemovement desensitation reprocessing) EFT (emotional freedom technique), Psychokinesiology, Homeopathy and New Homeopathy by Koerbler (signs and symbols as medicine based on quantum physics) address the emotional brain directly, where trauma is stored.


This is fascinating lecture and would be highly recommended for health professionals  in more depth.




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